I founded Bizbuzz, a modern replacement for the traditional office phone system. I also help with product marketing at Stratnel, an additive manufacturing firm in Bangalore.

I've worked at MathWorks, building demos on statistics and optimization among other topics. I've also worked at Panjiva on search and communication platforms for the global exchange of goods.

Based in Bangalore, I travel to Singapore and the United States on occasion.

Zero by zero

Dividing zero by zero is a mathematical exercise that can be (A) inane and unrelatable among more urgent concerns of the human condition, (B) a vexing exercise for the student of arithmetic, or (C) a definable, resolvable value, tending to a finite value or ∞ when viewed in relative context.

Among these, I find the last resolution most satisfying -- that shrouded within uncertainty of intertwined factors, with everything and nothing possible at once, there may well be lurking a finite, definable solution, attainable with ample consideration of the context of the problem.